What city is closest to Atlanta GA?

What city is closest to Atlanta GA?

Major cities near Atlanta, GA

  • 216 miles to Nashville, TN.
  • 228 miles to Charlotte, NC.
  • 284 miles to Jacksonville, FL.
  • 297 miles to Lexington-Fayette, KY.
  • 309 miles to Greensboro, NC.
  • 321 miles to Louisville, KY.
  • 339 miles to Memphis, TN.
  • 351 miles to Durham, NC.

Where should I vacation if I live in Atlanta?

12 Top-Rated Weekend Getaways from Atlanta

  • Savannah. Savannah city skyline. ...
  • Greenville. Downtown Greenville. ...
  • Augusta. Augusta skyline along the Savannah River. ...
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee. View over Chattanooga. ...
  • St. Simons Island. ...
  • Pine Mountain. Callaway Gardens. ...
  • Barnsley Resort, Adairsville. ...
  • Tybee Island.

Does Atlanta have a beach?

Beaches in Atlanta The closest beach to Atlanta is the Beach at International Park in Jonesboro, Georgia. The Jonesboro Beach, as well as the beaches at Callaway Gardens (80 miles), Lake Lanier Resort (46 miles) and other area lakes make great day trips from Atlanta or quick getaways.

What can couples do in Atlanta?

Add these ten things to do to your Atlanta couples vacation.

  • Animal Encounter and Events at Georgia Aquarium. ...
  • Visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden. ...
  • Enjoy a Spa Day. ...
  • Grab a Beer at SweetWater Brewery. ...
  • Get Nerdy at Fernbank. ...
  • See a Movie at the Drive-In. ...
  • Grab Drinks at a Rooftop Bar. ...
  • Stay at the Blue Ridge Treehouse.

How far is Clearwater from Atlanta?

481 miles

What is the closest Gulf Beach to Atlanta?

Tybee Island

What is the closest beach in Florida from Atlanta?

Pensacola Beach

How far is Pensacola from Atlanta?

285 miles

Is Pensacola a safe city?

Pensacola ranked number 43 with a safety score of 62.

How far is Myrtle Beach from Atlanta?

360 miles

How far is Pensacola from Jacksonville?

358 miles

What airport do you fly into to go to Pensacola Florida?

Pensacola International Airport

What is the closest major airport to Pensacola FL?


How far is Miami from Jacksonville?


How many hours is Jacksonville to Miami?

4 hours, 58 minutes.

How far is Miami from Atlanta?

662 miles

What is the halfway point between Atlanta GA and Jacksonville FL?

Tifton, GA

What is the closest Florida City to Georgia?


How far is Jacksonville FL from Atlanta GA?

The total driving distance from Atlanta, GA to Jacksonville, FL is 346 miles or 557 kilometers.

How far is it from Jacksonville to the Georgia border?

Distance between Georgia and Jacksonville is 235.

What city in Georgia is closest to Jacksonville?

St Mary's or Kingsland are the closest to Jax. Savannah is 3 hours away and there are dozen's of small towns/cities between Jax and Savannah, Brunswick probably being the largest.

Is the water clear at Jacksonville Beach?

The water at the Jax beaches tends to be somewhat brownish due to the St. Johns River, which carries tannic acids from its drainage and and turbidity from salt marshes.

Is Atlanta near Florida?

Distance from Florida to Atlanta is 728 kilometers. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Florida and Atlanta is 728 km= 452 miles. ... If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Florida to Atlanta, It takes 0.

What Atlanta is famous for?

Founded in 1837, Atlanta, Georgia has continued to be a city rich in history, creative minds, and nonstop fun....Check out a few of our favorites, including:

  • High Museum of Art.
  • Millennium Gate Museum at Atlantic Station.
  • National Center for Civil and Human Rights.
  • College Football Hall of Fame.
  • Trap Music Museum.

Is Atlanta dangerous?

Atlanta, GA With a murder rate of 18.

How far is Disney from Atlanta?

407 miles